Cantine Aliani began with the Aliani brothers’ deep passion for the land; their family has cultivated land for generations which then led to the purchase of the ancient Castle of Ramazzano.

With great determination and devotion, they started to recover the estate by investing in the development of its vineyards and medieval cellars. Thus today, as in the past, their hard work is reflected in the excellent wines of Cantine Aliani which have become a strong and promising reality.

Cantine Aliani Storia
Cantine Aliani Storia

The names of the two white and red wines and of the reserve come from the solid bond with the land and 100-year-old history:

  • Castrum Ramacani (rosso DOC) is dedicated to the name with which in 1258 the manor appears in the list of the Castles of Perugia;
  • Leone XIII (rosso IGT) is a tribute to the Pope of the Rerum Novarum, whose nephew Camillo Pecci owned the castle in the 18th century;
  • Silentivm (bianco DOC) and Non Otivm (bianco IGT) finally quote the inscription which is to be found in the ancient chapel of the Castle, admirably painted, which, since 1113, has been officiated by the Cistercian Monks and was the parish church until 1600.
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